Like any ordinary child raised with a rural background, throughout life I have remained closely associated with nature, the rural environment, and have keenly observed the interactions between people and the natural environments in which they reside. During my undergraduate studies I spent most of my holidays taking long walks and hikes exploring the deserts, deep gorges, wide valleys and high mountains that have always inspired and educated me. At the graduate level I received training in cytogenetics, wide hybridization and plant biosystematics, which lead me toward the development and introduction of new crops. One of our high yielding, early maturing and disease resistant commercial variety, Hasnain 2013 is widely grown on farmers field and contributing significantly to edible oil production. More recently, my research has focused on molecular anthropology and conservation biology of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region of Pakistan and this research has yielded very interesting results that have been appreciated by the international community, .........Read More



Islamia College, Peshawar, Pakistan

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